A Good Fuck

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A Good Fuck

It was a /fucking/good-fuck/">good fuck. Really nice. Easy, casuual, we quickly found an easy rythm,she responded to my thrusts with her own just right.I could feel her reacting and could see that she was enjoying it just looking at her contented expression as she moved her body against mine.
She was nice looking, slim, nice face, probably mid thirties or so. About half my age. He, the other fellow, was younger. She had his prick in a firm grasp with her left hand and was working at it in no hurry. Just easy and relaxed, everything as it should be.

We had found ourselves together, naked, of course, that was the club rule Thursday afternoons, and we had just climbed onto the huge bed in the end room and started to play with each other until she had got us both hard and ready and just asked, "Anyone got a condome?"
I was ready with one and handed it to her and she rolled it on me quite expertly, lay on her back and spread her legs and just guided me in. She was already pretty wet, afterall, we had both played and licked her and she was lubricating nicely as I entered her.
Yes, it had all been so easy.

After a while, she lifted her legs and grasped me and urged me on faster. Lifting her hips, she showed me that she wanted me to thrust deeper and soon, she forgot the other fellow to concentrate on reaching an orgasm. Her left hand xxx sex video download free com was opening and closing as her excitement mounted and I made room for her right hand to reach her clitoris. She circled the hood with her middle finger and then lightly rubbed the side, lust as they do and then with a gasp, a couple of grunts and a shudder, she orgasmed. Lovely! Isnt it strange that in sex, giving others pleasure is the best part.

We settled back into an easy rythm again and she turned her head and shoulders to the left and taking the other mans cock in right hand, put it in her mouth while jacking him with her hand.
I enjoyed watching as I continued to fuck her. But soon, she was urging me on agaln.Stopped scking his cock annd lay back.

I lifted her up by the hips and shuffled my knees up until I had my thighs under her buttocks so that each time I thrust I opened her cheeks and thrust deeply. She clearly found this sexxxx video ful hd good and started to climb to orgasm again while staring me in the face and willing me on. Her second orgasm came quickly and we both flopped down smiling and laughing a little. I was not yet finished and it was clear to me that I would not come as I could already feel my /erection/">erection beginning to wilt a little.

She obviously felt it and by sqeezing me and fondling my balls and nipples, she kept me going for a third orgasm.

After a appreciative glance we parted. Slipping apart easilly and I motioned to the other man that he should take my place. Soon they were fucking nicely. I was sure that she would have another good fuck with the satisfaction of him coming.
We were complete strangers but had given each other an unforgetable ten minutes.

I sometimes wonder about thelives of /women/">women who visit the club. When thy have had a few fucks, do they then fetch the children from school or go home to prepare an evening meal for a husband?

I like to imagine a conversation:
"Had a nice day darling? Anything special happed?"
No, nothing in particular."
Or: "I called in at the club this afternoon."
"Thats nice! Get some good fucks, did you?"
Somehow, I cant really imagine that one!