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Marry was lying naked on her bed all tied up and gagged. Her legs spread and hands tied up behind her head. Exposing her pussy and the rest of her body. Her mouth was sealed with duct tape and her eyes were blindfolded.

Archie was pacing around the room and contemplating his next move. He though of fingering her, putting clamps on her nipples, or just slamming her with a dildo. Instead he put her on her knees, with her hands tied behind her back; her head was resting on the pillow.

"I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you!" said Archie grabbing Marry by her hair. "And you're gonna like it"

Archie slowly squeezed his cock between Marry's butt-cheeks and with one quick move plunged it deep into her ass.

"Ahh," came out a muffled moan as Marry felt the painful sensation run through her body as Archie penetrated her.

As Archie moved his cock in and out of Marry's ass, more and more moans came out of her duct-taped mouth.

She was screaming as loud as she could, but it was no use. She felt as if she was being raped. Made to submit by rope and gags. Violated by this man who was controlling her by the motions of his cock.

Archie was pounding Marry's ass as hard as ever, she could no longer control her self as her full hd xvideo download pussy was dripping wet from the thought of being analy raped. 

Archie continued plunging his cock into Marry. Taking her by her hips and slamming her butt against his thighs, making loud smacks every time the two made contact. 

Archie then took the tape off of Marry's mouth, untied her hands and ordered

"Scream /bitch/">bitch, scream"

Marry let out a scream "Aahhh," not just because Archie ordered but because by now she wanted him to fuck her even harder.

"Fuck me, yeah, fuck me!" Shouted Marry.

Archie pulled out his cock and threw Marry on the bed and began /pussy/pussy-fuck/fucking-her-pussy/">fucking her pussy.

Marina let out a moan when Archie's cock penetrated her pussy. She clutched close to her and to her ran her nails down his back. He looked into her eyes and she was able to see the pain as he let out a moan.

Now on top of her, their bodies were moving as one. 

Archie took a strong hold of Marry's shoulders and now with every plunge oh his cock he went into her deeper and deeper.

Marina nearing her /climax/">climax felt her pussy beginning to pulsate. 

”Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh” she moaned as now her cunt was super sensitive and still Archie was fucking her.

Marry experienced orgasm after orgasm. She moaned and screamed feeling Arhies cock ripping her pussy apart. 

Fucking Marry's tight and /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy, Archie, himself was ready to shoot his load inside Marry's free porn movies download pussy. 

Archie plunged his cock into Marry for one last time and held his cock inside her pussy.

"Aaaahhh" he let out a moan as his cock was spitting /hot/hot-jizz/">hot jizz inside Marry's cunt.

Archie's body fell on top of Marry and the two began passionately kissing. 

Both were kissing and embracing each other in their arms as they found comfort in mutual orgasm sensitivity. 

A few minutes later, both fell asleep in each other's arms completely exhausted.