A Trip That Changed Everything

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
A Trip That Changed Everything

After years of saving money for a dream /trip/">trip, me and my husband Peter will finally be able to take a year off traveling. We've both always wanted to go to Asia to see the culture while we're still fairly young. So we packed our bags and took off.

We had a smooth experience traveling in Japan, Korea, China, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. Everything was almost perfect. Our next destination is India and we can't wait to get there.

India was a bit different from our expectations but we tried to maintain a positive attitude. India became our last destination and it changed our lives forever.

We were celebrating our anniversary at a nice small bar in New Delhi. We've both had a few too many and Peter started acting a bit more aggressive. Since I had a few too many myself, I let him. I didn't care that people could see while he grabbed my ass and grind hard against me.

"Kathy, let's get a taxi and head to the hotel," he whispered to me wanting to continue our romantic night in the hotel.

There were too many people waiting for taxis and we couldn't catch a break and get one. Finally somebody offered to share the cab with us. Realizing the time we've been waiting, Peter and I decided to take his offer. He sat upfront while Peter and I sat at the back.

"You're here on vacation?" asked the local man with a thick /indian/">indian accent.

"Yes," Peter answered. "I'm Peter. This is my wife Kathy."

"Hi. It is nice to meet you. I am Radish," he said with that thick accent again.

I was feeling a bit unstable as I grasp Peter's sleeve. The ongoing were hazy to me. I heard Radish said something to the driver in Hindi but I had no clue what it was.

Finally we had arrived to were Radish is supposed to get off and the driver were to take us to our hotel. Radish paid the driver and get off. I was just about to sigh when the door opened. Radish stood there gazing at my legs. I quickly pulled my skirt down. He grabbed my arm pulling me out of the car.

"Hey!" I heard Peter say before Radish close the door and said something to the driver. Peter was unable to get out.

I look around we were in a dark area in some street. The only source of light is the one from the car. I can hear people very faintly in the far distance. Radish carried me and put me on the hood of the car. He forcibly opened my legs. He had quick access between my milf porn videos legs because of the shortness of my skirt. The driver smiled his unsettling smile at me.

I felt Radish's finger roughly rubbing between my legs as he pushed me down. "It looks like you've been waiting for this."

I felt ashamed. I knew my panties were soaked from the hot make out with Peter at the bar. "Ohhh."

Radish lifts up my top and teases himself with a peek at my breasts. He takes my top and bra off. He licks them hungrily. I did not dare to look at Peter. I moaned as Radish touch me more between my legs. He knew what he was doing. He knew were to touch me.

I try to muffle my moans but I couldn't help myself. I moan out of pleasure. I noticed the driver smiling at me again as if he was pleased that I was pleased. I felt disgusted.

With one quick pull, Radish tore off my /underwear/">underwear. He gave it to the driver and he sniffed it. "Smells like lady," the driver said.

Radish turned me over and now I was facing the inside of the car were Peter is sitting with the lights lit. I cannot tell what his expression was. I couldn't look away from him. He didn't look worried and he didn't say anything.

Slowly I felt Radish's cock rubbing against my opening. I gasp as I kept my eyes on Peter wondering.

"Oh," I moaned again involuntarily.

The head of Radish's /fat/">fat head cock pushed against me. I felt him slowly easing his way in slowly spreading my pussy apart as he enter me. "Aaaahhhh," he let out a low moan of satisfaction.

He pushes his /fat/fat-cock/">fat cock more as I shudder at feeling him violate me. I close my eyes for a moment to look away from Peter until Radish's cock is fully in me.

I gasp at how big it felt inside me. I can feel my clit throbbing in anticipation eagerly waiting for him to pump me. I pushed my thoughts away quickly and opened my eyes. I saw Peter and I thought he was smiling but I was sure he couldn't be.

Radish grabbed my tit from behind and whispered in my ear. "Do you like?"

I didn't answer and he pressed on. "Do you like?" he asked with more affirmation.

"N-no!" I lied still trying to convince myself of the lie.

I look at Peter again. He was looking calm.

Radish wiggles a bit positioning himself. His hand traveled downwards from my breast to my hips. My breasts felt satisfied resting against the hood of the car while my sensitive nipples react accordingly to the cold metal.

Radish's hands were massaging my ass cheeks in circular motions. His hands traveled upwards and pulled my hair back and then to the sides to get a view of my bare back. Then they were back blowjob porn videos onto my hips again.

He held me with a strong grip and starts to pull his cock out leaving just the tip in. I felt so empty all of the sudden and blurted, "Please, fuck me."

He laughs and Peter smiled gently again.

"I will. I will fuck you like a horny slut," he said with his Indian accent.

Thankfully she slid his cock back in and out and in and out in slow motions just to tease me. To my horror, he motioned for the unpleasant driver to come over. Without further words, he squeeze his hands under my breasts and starts caressing them. I shut my eyes in disgust and felt his rough hands holding my tits. His calloused fingertips circling around my sensitive nipples. He seemed to be enjoying a /first-time/">first time privilege of being able to touch a woman.

"Oh," I shudder in disgust. But the pleasure of Radish's cock filling me up is enough to make me overlook the disgusting look of the driver. Radish quicken his pace and I started moaning more. The driver flashed his crooked teeth again and smiled.

I look away from him and landed my eyes on Peter and moaning as we locked into each other's eyes. All the time the driver kept playing with my tits. Radish quickens his pace more rocking the car as my moans became louder.

I still don't know what is going on with Peter but Radish's penis is giving me too much pleasure to care at the moment. "AAAhhh! Hmmm!" I felt ashamed at deriving pleasure from being taken advantage of by this stranger.

Radish pulled me upwards and made me face the driver. He holds my hands and supports me as Radish ram me from behind. I didn't like the idea of him watching my tits bouncing joyfully. His smile is upsetting enough but I didn't have any choice.

Soon enough it was too much for me and I exploded screaming. My knees went weak as I collapse my weight against the driver. I can feel his calloused hands caressing the sides of my body. Radish went on pumping as I came. He slaps hard against me.

"Ugh! Ugh!" I felt so naughty and cheap but I kept on exploding enjoying his manhood and the unruly driver's calloused hands.

Radish maintained his rhythm until I came for the second time and then he put his seed inside me. I was too flushed to protest. Then he pulled out when he was done. I felt empty again. The driver knelt down as I stood there with wobbly legs.

Peter got out of the car and I looked at him confused. He just smiled and started to chat with Radish like they were old buddies leaving me to the driver.

The driver put his head between my legs and as disgusted as I was at his tongue licking the cum off my legs, it felt good. He cleaned my pussy up. I tried to control it but I came a third time as he sucked and tongue fucked me and fingered me. He licked me clean again.

I stood there panting as Peter approached me. "Happy anniversary sweetheart. Remember when you told me you fantasize about having another man cum inside you? I made it come true. Looks like you enjoyed it as much as I did."

"I think you wanted more," chuckled Radish. "Puru here would love the pleasure of making you happy," referring to the driver.

When I didn't react negatively, Radish nodded at Puru and Puru led me to the car for support. He made me face Radish and Peter as he lifted on of my legs entering me from behind but giving Radish and Peter a full view of his cock sliding in and out of me. He's not as big as Radish but the way he positioned my leg made me felt so good.

After that, my husband Peter, Radish and Puru took turns at fucking me. We fucked all night long and I was so exhausted but my pussy can't seem to have enough. I lost count of how many times I orgasmed that night. It was the best fuck of my life.

When we came home Peter started to share me with other men. He let his friends and /boss/boss-fuck/">boss fuck me and I loved it but I will never forget Radish and Puru who made me realize that being a slut could be so much fun.