It all Started With a Kiss Part 2

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It all Started With a Kiss Part 2

It all Stared with a Kiss...

I couldnt belive It. Here I was, nobody me and I was kissing the hottest girl in school. Yeah I knew she had a reputation. I and every other guy in school wanted her to be the one she'd next turn to.
Oh let me introduce myself. Im Eric, just one of those average guys that girls seem to not pay attention to. So when Violet the hottest girl in town walked up to me in the hallway and asked if Id like to go for a hike with her this Sunday, I just about tripped over my own tounge trying to say yes.

Violet had a reputation around town for being a bit of a slut. Seems about a year ago something happened to her and she came out of her shell. Hell the guys around town werent complaining about it, and neither were a few girls to that point.

So where was I, oh yeah that first kiss. Soft lips and even softer breasts pressed against my chest. I knew it couldnt get any better than this, boy was I wrong. I cupped her face in my hands and gazed at her, she had this hungry look in her eyes and as she asked me " Eric do you want me?" All I could do was nodd my head. Slowly her hands crept up underneath the front of my shirt and she carressed my chest toying with my nipples and smiling at me. " Then do what you feel." She whispered. That was all I needed. I cupped her breasts in my hands and she leaned her head back and moaned aloud. "MMM thats nice, what else do you want to do with me." Clearly putting herself in my hands for the moment. The waters tested and my ego stroked, I took her hand and led it down to the front of my pants. Time to act out that /fantasy/">fantasy Ive been rolling over and over in my head for about a week now. "Take it out" I whispered. Slowly she obeyed my whim. The button on my pants was undone and the zipper lowered and as she reached in to touch my cock through my boxers, I drew in a sharp breath.

"Oh no, not so fast /boy/big-boy/">big boy" the little nymph at my /feet/">feet cooed. " I have plans for you". Slowly she sank to her knees and engulfed the head of my cock between her pouty lips. Using lips and tounge she worked my cock in and out of that lucious mouth. The look on her face as I looked down at her was one of pure bliss, the girl liked what she was doing. I gently stroked her hair back from her face holding it out of her way so she could continue the task she so obviously loved. Those green eyes looked up with a smile in them, oh how I wanted to taste this girl. I gently and painstakingly urged her to stop and stand up, and undid the front of her jeans. I slipped a hand down the front of her panties and stroked the outside edge just around the lace, finally letting my finger slip underneath the fabric to the soft folds inside. She leaned into me kissing and nibbling my neck, panting and gasping as my fingers quickly found her clit and lightly stroked the fire between her legs into an inferno.

Sliding her jeans down around her ankles I knelt down and tickled her clit with the tip of my tounge, teasing her and making her thrust her hips forward begging for more. I gently inserted two fingers inside her and continued the teasing of her clit while she thrust back and forth on my hand. Her juices dripping down my fingers.

I slowly removed my fingers from her pussy and stood, letting them trail up and into her mouth so she could taste her own juices. I quckly shed my pants and she began stroking my cock. " I want that inside of me." she whispered, and then she turned around and grabbed her ankles.

Not needing a second invitation I probed her pussy with the head of my cock making sure it was wett, and thrust into her. Oh the feeling of her pussy surrounding my manhood was exquisite. Hot and tight and wet, I had to catch my breath but Violet had other plans. She let go of her ankles and leaned back into me. "Dont stop " she moaned, "I want that deep in me." Well I was never one to deny a beautiful girl who obviously knows what she wants. I slid my hand up the back of her head grabbing a handfull of long wavy red hair and pulled her up towards my chest while thrusting my cock deep inside her. My other hand held onto her hip and guided her back and forth on my cock. Here I was in the woods and I had the town slut begging for me to drive my cock deeper in her pussy. I decided to see how far I could push her limits. I guided us down to the ground still in the same position and took off my shirt for her head to lay upon, With an order for her to "Stay that way." I looked down, the sight was breathtaking. Folding her arms up against her back I held onto them for leverage and I thrust my cock deeper into that pussy than ever. She gasped at each thrust and moaned aloud each time I hit bottom. "Time for a little experiment." I told her. Making sure I had enough moisture I gently pressed my thumb into her ass, making her groan and push back on my cock and hand. I had the little cunt now, she was going to remember this. I thrust my cock and my thumb in her working out a rhythm where when one was going in the other was comming out. She was going wild underneath me and sweat was starting to run down my back the wwwxxx and forehead. Letting her hands go from her back I reached under her and frigged her clit. She thrust up on all fours and began thrusting back driving her and I closer to orgasm. Her little pussy contracted around my rod and I knew it was inevitable "Im gonna cum soon." I told her," As she picked up the pace, fucking herself she gasped, "Let me feel it inside me."

I came and I came hard. I thrust deep as I could into her and as I did, her pussy seemed to milk the the cum from me as if it were a machine made for the job. I felt her walls pulse and quiver around my cock getting tighter with every spasm as she let out a low moan of pleasure before her arms gave and she lay her head down on my shirt panting and speechless in the aftermath of such a powerful experience.
I gently pulled my now quickly deflating cock from her pussy and stroked her back, urgeing her up to her knees to lean back onto my chest. I quicly saw in my mids eye how we must look. Two lovers in the woods half naked and totally exausted from making love on the forest floor. The sensuality of it was indescribable. I kissed her neck and nuzzeled her earlobes while my arms wrapped around her tight and held onto her savoring the feel of this moment.

She turned to me and told me that of all the people shed been with in the past she couldnt remember comming that hard. She actually loved the way I had penetrated her ass with my finger as nobody had done that to her before. It had driven her as wild as I thought it would. Then she asked me why I was so quiet out in public. I stared off to the distance and thought for a moment. "I have urges, powerful, dominating, sexual urges that Im afraid to let out. Most of the time when Im alone I can create a fantasy and jerk off to the thoughts of what Id like to do with this person or that person. But to have an actual person allow me to preform such an act I have not found until just now." I told her, as I turned her to face me.

Violet got quiet and thoughful as she looked into my eyes, she smiled at me and told me her story. How she had come to look at the world through a sexual light thanks to her /sister/">sister and her boyfriend. That wwwxxx this stuffy old town with its backwards beliefs needed a kick in the pants. Then she smiled at me and asked, "Wanna help me shake things up a bit?" I thought a minute, "Oh yeah." I chuckled.
"Good then heres what were gonna do...." Over the next few minutes as we dressed ourselves she outlined her ideals on the way a relationship had to work in order to keep wives and husbands happy. I couldnt believe it I had thought that /women/">women, well girls, didnt have those urges. I learned alot about women that day. I learned alot about myself as well.

She expalined in her experience that the ones who bragg about their sexual prowess are just doing that bragging, they do or say nothing special and are typical and mediocre at best. The quiet ones, who are unsure of themselves are the ones that bring a certain excitment to the "Game" as she called it. She went to further explain that she was in no way playing with anyones heart. If people wanted to "just have sex" with her that was fine. She loved having sex, but there were a few that kept to themselves, that like me brought something special to each new tryst. Those she kept in a tight private circle and if I kept my eyes open Id soon start to notice who they were.

I cant wait to get to school tomorrow and look at everyone a little more closely.