NYC Tails 7 Big Booty Nurse

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NYC Tails 7 Big Booty Nurse

I had just started working as an Physicians Assistant at a hospital in New York; Brooklyn to be exact. The staff there was very cool, especially the nurses. One night I came in for the 11 pm to 7 am shift and there was a new nurse working on the floor. She was a traveling nurse and did she have a /big/booty-big/big-juicy-booty/">big juicy booty. There is no way I can describe it, no words could do that awesome ass justice. She was bent over the counter as the nurses station with her back too me; thats a good thing because my dick stood up like a tail of a pointer that has detected a bird in the bushes. 

˜Damn!" slipped from my lips as I walked up the hallway toward her. She heard my whisper and turned to look over her shoulder, so did the other two nurses. I played it off by feeling my pockets, trying to act as if I had lost my keys or something.

˜I sure hope I havent lost them." I said while continuing to check my pockets. 
˜Calvin this is the new nurse, Ms. Sheila. Sheila this in Calvin," the charge nurse said as she introduced us. 
˜Hi, nice to meet you Sheila."
˜Likewise Calvin." She went back to doing her paperwork. 

My rod was stiff as a board and curled up in my pants as I walked gingerly to the staffs locker room to put my stuff away. I stopped in the mens room to take a quick leak before going back onto the floor. When I flipped my dick out of my pants, the head was swollen. A thick drop of clear precum dripped from the head, clinging to the tip like a syrupy rope as it /hung/">hung down to the urinal. I had to wrap my fist around the shaft, the skin was very warm and I could feel the thick veins when I pulled on the skin and shook my log gently so the precum would fall off. My dick was so hard it took a second before I could get a flow of piss to start. I let out a quiet moan as the stream of hot water felt like I was cumming as I stood there with my eyes closed imaging Sheilas ass buck naked. Bending over wagging that ass at me! 

I shook it dry, and had to bend my dick to get it tucked in comfortably, zipped up and went to the sink and washed my hands. 
Going down the hall from room to room I checked with each nurse to see who needed help with patients and what orders needed to be written and tests that needed to be ordered. Almost half of the rooms were empty so I knew it would be a rather slow night. When I got to the room that Sheila was in, she was bent over the side of the bed with her back to me and that ass staring me right in the face. It had me hypnotized like a deer caught in bright headlights. It went out wide and circular then narrowed as it joined her thighs. I wanted to grab her by the waist of her pants, yank them down and just see that ass to be sure it was real. My dick was jumping in my pants like a
wild horse kicking and bucking trying to throw a rider off.

˜Need some help?? I said with a dry throat. 

I always wondered why your mouth and throat get so dry when you get horny. The patient looked at me and so did she. 
˜Oh thanks, could you just help me sit him up a little. His blood pressure is a little high and I wanted to check it with him sitting up.? 
I went to the side of the bed, caught the patient under the arms, had him grab my shoulders as I hoisted him up and she propped the pillows behind him. 
˜Thanks, I will be right back, I need to get another chart from the desk.? 
She turned to walk out, the patients eyes and mine went directly to her ass. I am telling you it looked like one side dropped down and the other side shifted up, boom, boom, boom! The patient squinted and mouthed, ˜Wow! That is a healthy ass on her!? 

˜You aint never lied! Id like to just see it one time. Id be happy with that.? 
˜Not me brother, give me a whole case of viagra and let me at it! I might be old but I would damn sure go out with a bang and shed be kicking and screaming!? The old geezer laughed but you know what, I think he was damn serious. By the time she came back, I was standing up straight when she walked through the door and she gave me this weird look. She frowned and made some sort of motion like she was telling me something and did not want the patient to understand. I was baffled and she shrugged her shoulders and gave up. 
I watched as she worked on the patient, so I could help him lie back down and get comfortable. 

Once we were done, she gathered her things and I followed her out, my eyes locked in on her ass once more. As we rounded the corner I heard her say, ˜And stop looking at my ass.? I was startled and caught off guard when she turned and smiled at me. 
˜You want to know how I knew you were looking at it right? I can feel when men are staring at it, they look so hard its like X-ray vision and I can feel the heat on my ass.? 
I laughed when she said that because I conjured up a vision of Superman looking at a womans ass with his X-ray vision and her ass was glowing red and bright orange. 
˜Plus, I see you have that bit wet spot right where your dick is.? 

She pointed down and I looked and right where the head was, I had a wet spot caused by precum. I blushed and she stared at me, I did not know what to say. 
˜Come on, make yourself useful and help me with my rounds.? I followed her with her clipboard in front of me to hide my embarrassment. She was so cool as we talked. I knew they always give the traveling nurses the shittest jobs. She was used to it and had started to get along very well with most of the staff. Try as I might I used every opportunity that came up to get a closer glimpse of her ass. I knew that before the night was over, Id have to sneak a 
break in and go masturbate. That ass would be the focus of my desire when I was sitting on the commode jerking my dick. By 3:30 in the morning everyone was asleep and the nurses kept track of who needed to be woken up for meds. As they came and went from the desk, I slipped away to the restroom. I locked the stall door, not that I needed to since there were only two other male orderlies on the shift on that floor and they were busy. No sooner than I had my pants down around my ankles, I had my fist choking my dick like it was a chicken. The full length slipped back and forth through the circle formed by my fist of fingers, the friction making it warmer. 

I closed my eyes and thought of Sheila in a long jean skirt and a small, tight white Jersey top. She had on sneakers and white socks, sitting on an ottoman talking to me. She told me her feet were hurting. I quickly offered to massage her aching tootsies. I untied her shoe and massaged her foot with the sock on at first. As she began to relax, I slipped the white sock off and she lifted her foot and put in between my legs with the heel resting on the cushion and the light sole of her foot millimeters from my /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick. 
˜Oh that feels so good. You have a soothing touch.? 

As my fingers worked their magic, she leaned back and when she did her foot brushed my swollen rod. She looked at me and with a wicked gleam in her eye, she purposely used her toes to dig into my crotch right where my hard dick was curled up. As she flexed her foot and played with my dick, I had booth hands around her feet with the 
thumbs on top of her foot and the rest of the fingers under the arch massaging the soft skin and pulling her foot tighter to my groin. Then she put the other foot up and as I quickly worked to get that shoe and sock off, she keep flicking her big toe and wiggling it against my dick. As soon as I had her other foot bare, she was leaning back on both elbows and admiring her handiwork, well her footwork in this case. 

My dick was now so hard that I had to keep pulling at it and shifting because it was uncomfortable rolled up like it was in my tight pants. I got bold and stood up, she sat there with her feet in the air 
like she was waiting for me to mount her and fuck her missionary style. I gazed between her thighs; they were so thick I could not see all the way to her mound but I could see the cheeks of her ass rubbing together. Seems like my dick got even harder and thicker as I pulled it out and precum sprayed all over the place. She just licked her lips and put her warm foot on the head of my dripping dick and rubbed the sole around smearing it with my slippery residue. She had to part her knees and thighs as porn videos download she put the left foot on the side of my dick and the right one worked the head, I got a full view up her skirt and the white thong covered the V patch of her mound but then disappeared between all that /sweet/">sweet meat of her thighs and ass. As her feet and legs pumped and worked back and forth like she was riding a bicycle, I watched her thighs and the cheeks of her ass rubbing together. She held my dick steady with her left foot and used the tip of her right big toe to touch the head of my dick. When she pulled the toe away it trailed a silvery strand of precum that swung like a spiderâ??s web. She used that to lubricate the shaft of my dick with, over and over she got her toe wet and smeared the mixture on my dick as I stood there with my pants around my ankles and dick standing out like a mini arm. The dark skin was glistening when I kicked out of my pants. 

Squatted down to lift both her feet and formed a sandwich around my warm dick as I started fuck her bare feet. It got so good to me, I let go of her feet and she held them up around my cock as long as she could while I pushed her skirt farther up her wide hips so I can rub those big thighs. She couldnt hold those /legs/thick-legs/">thick legs up too long and she pulled her knees back and spread them and I saw her thong had sliced into the phat, juicy halves of the phattest pussy I have ever seen! It looked like one of those Italian beef sandwiches you get at the airport in Chicago, bread stuffed with so much damn meat you cant believe it!

She yanks up her top and her big, heavy tits flop out, sweet brown with big dark circles and capped with swollen nipples that look to be the size of blackberries. ˜Can you oil these up for me too?? 
She produced a bottle of warm baby oil and she held those big succulent tits close together and they form a cleavage that made me almost bust a nut right then.

I sat on the commode feeling the friction between my pumping hand and the dry skin of my throbbing cock building up. 

As I stood between her luscious legs drizzling oil on those big puppies, my hand slipping and sliding so I couldnt even grip or hold onto them. 

So soft and meaty the skin was oozing all through my oily fingers. Her tits were in the way and I could not see her hands but I could feel them yanking on my crank, making it swell even more. She would yank on it and rub it with both hands, every now and then with one hand still yanking and jerking the other would cup my balls in the palm of her soft hand. She could curl the fingers up with my balls in the center of her closed fist and very, very slowly apply pressure. As the loose skin of the sack slipped between her wonderful fingers, she was left with both nuts getting crushed and bringing me to my tiptoes. She let go of my dick, took it and stuffed it between her hot, oily tits, then she looked up at me and said, ˜Ummmm that feels good. You like fucking these big thangs?? 
Before I could speak she pushed them together and I put my hands on her shoulders and humped like a jack rabbit. She let go of her tits, reached around and grabbed my ass and crushed her upper body against me. My dick was stuffed between her tits and the head was nestled under her chin. I could feel her /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples pressing against me. My dick was sliding through her warm, soft oily tits like I was deep in some /pussy/good-pussy/">good pussy. Fucking those tits felt so good I was moaning. 

I was bouncing off her bosom and she would snatch me back by her tight grip on my ass. Then she slowed me down again and as she did, she leaned back and as I saw the phat pink head of my dick pushing up between her mounds of shiny, oily flesh, she opened her mouth and began to lick around the head. Watching my pole poking up through her cleavage and her lips and tongue poised to polish my knob, I quivered and my knees almost buckled as she drug the buds of her tongue slowly across the hole in the head, it felt almost like sandpaper and when the tip of her tongue was almost off the head, she curled it up and forced it down in the /raw/">raw pink hole. I grabbed a handful of her hair and she seemed to delight in the sweet, sweet /ecstasy/">ecstasy she was taking me through. She was sucking, chewing, licking and slobbering all over my knob bringing me to my knees ever so slowly. I poured more hot oil all over her tits and as it ran down the caramel brown jugs, I pulled and twirl the nipples as she applied more pressure on my dick. I could feel her tongue, teeth, lips everything collapsed around my dick with an air tight suction. She knew I would soon shower her with /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum, so she hurriedly reach up between her dripping titties and found my nuts and squeezed them until the pain cut off my orgasm. Every time she crushed my nuts in her slippery hands, it felt like the head would bulge and swell up like a balloon being inflated. 

Once the orgasm was stemmed, she pulled away and leaned back and I feel on her sucking and licking her tits. I wallowed in the joy of feeling those big bumpy textured nipples rolling around in my mouth. The way they parted my lips when I sucked on them and the way they felt on my tongue made me shiver. I ran my hand up her skirt and between her warm thighs. She was hot and moist between her legs as I traced the /thong/wet-thong/">wet thong to its resting place; snug and tight between her creamy pussy lips. She held my wrist and guided my fingers, showing me how she wanted me to touch her in that place. When she rubbed my fingers so it barely touched her about the top of her clit, she shuddered and moaned and pulled my hot mouth more firmly down on her tits. Every time I sucked her nipples and rubbed her clit just right, her body would get stiff and I could feel her muscles quivering underneath her skin. 

Her hand searched for and found my rigid shaft, I could tell how intense her pleasure was because every time I caressed her clit or licked and sucked her nipple in ways that were the most enjoyable to her, she squeezed my dick with varying levels of intensity. She had her legs wide open bouncing that big juicy ass off the bed and grinding against the palm of my hand. She was dripping wet and I had her body pinned to the bed kissing all over her tits and under her neck. Her mouth opened as she gasped, ˜Yes, oh yes suck titties. Oh
just like that, bite the nipples a little then lick them; oooooshiiiiiit! I am cumming.? That ass and body starts moving wildly underneath me as I am barely stroking that clit, my hand soaked with her juices. She closes her ample thighs around my hand, covering my wrist too as she squeezes and cums as I suck her nipple with such suction that it bulges in my mouth like it is about to explode. 

I am leaning back in the stall with my dick swollen and balls tight, precum all over the shaft and my hand about to nut like a geyser. 
Thats when in my fantasy she rolls over on her belly and pulls that skirt up to her lower back, giving me my first real close look at that tremendous ass. I get on my knees straddling her lower legs and kiss and rub my face all over that big warm, soft, supple ass. I had to open my arms wide to make a circle to get all the way around it. I hugged and squeezed it with my chest, arms and face against that 
mound of deliciousness. She started rotating it, lifting her hips and teasing me?acting as if she was riding a dick. 
˜Dont you want to oil it up for me like you did my tits?? 

Taking the bottle, I poured a trail of hot oil on that ass and watched as a line of it rolled over the curve of her ass and down in the deep crack. I poured a copious amount and began to massage it all over her ass, making it glisten and shiny. I was soon gripping her ass, slipping and sliding my body against it as I was laying out over her straight on my hands and toes as if I were doing push-ups. As my /hard/big-hard/big-hard-dick/">big hard dick hung down and rubbed against the backs of her legs, she opened them caught the head and shaft in between her legs and closed them around it. She moved her legs so I could feel one leg coming up and one going down like her legs xxx were hands pulling on my rod. My crotch was flat against the backs of her slippery, warms thighs and that big caramelazz was moving as she crossed her legs and squeezed even tighter on my dick. Soon she had me back there humping and twisting and grinding her between her thighs. 
She toyed with me and then she opened her legs, reached back and grabbed my slippery, throbbing, aching to cum dick and stuffed it down in the deep crack of her ass. She clinched both cheeks so tightly I could see the skin at the base of my dick stretching like she would rip my cock off by the root. I could not take any more and begin to fucking that big, round, gorgeous ass. I wasnt in the asshole, I was in the crack with all ten inches of dick and she had her hand under her rubbing her clit. I felt her hand take the tip of my dick and she was using it to masturbate. First she rubbed the head on her clit softly yet firmly, then when the passion begin to overflow. She was moaning and her hand was mashing my dick head against her clit faster and faster until she trembled and quivered and her ass clamped down around my dick like a vise grip. I hugged and squeezed her and I unload all over her sopping /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy, on the thong string that split her pussy and ran down the crack of her ass. I dumped a monster load of thick hot cum between her thighs, all over her pussy, in her hand so much it was going to look like someone had poured sticky lotion down there. 

She raise her hips just a little and opened her thighs and as I was humping she put the head of my dick inside her and we started fucking. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back as the other hand started smacking her big, oily, shiny ass. All of that body shaking with our violent fucking. Those big, heavy, shiny tits 
swinging like two big water filled balloons. Id try to grip that ass in one hand but it was too massive and my fingers would just slide off it and I would get frustrated and spank it and the wet sound of my hand on that oily, slippery ass resonated around the room. 

Just at the moment I imagined my dick in her tight pink pussy I erupted in the stall. Cumming spiraling up like a water fountain. Every time I pumped my dick a new stream shot into the air. I had to stand up and squat as I pointed my dick down and shot my load in the water in the commode. It looked like custard in the clear water. I was out of breath it took so much out of me. After taking a few minutes to regain my composure, I cleaned up and washed up. By the time I got back on the floor, everyone was still busy. 
˜Are you okay?? asked Sheila. ˜Your eyes are all watery and you look like you are sweating?? 
I tried not to stare directly as her. 
˜As soon as I get home, I am going to sit down and rub my aching feet. You any good at foot massages? She asked. My gaze came up off the floor and my dick started to swell once more.