About Time

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About Time

Ive never been certain of what truly happened that night. That wonderful night. But i do remember how it ended, or rather how it began.
First let me give you a visual. I had and still have jet black hair, blue eyes and a dazzling smile. At 18, i was approx. 61" with an athletic build, I worked out every morning and night. My hands could easily crush those of all of my friends and relatives, and I had a step as light as a feather since I was not the slightest bit encombered by my size thirteen feet.

I left home that fateful day under the guise of a /party/birthday-party/">birthday party. Oh my mother never new what hit her. I wasnt a "/bad/">bad" teenage boy. Just too bored to follow rules. Besides, it was summer in a small Oklahoma town. Too fucking hot to be out and about in the day time, and too small to do anything exilerating at night without being caught. So I got up at 7 AM and drove 2 hours to the nearest town, which lied just south of the Texas-Oklahoma border. Of course i brought a friend. A very attractive friend. One who couldnt help but dance to the music blaring from my black 67 Camaros speakers. I knew she couldnt when I burned the cd the night before. Like I said, I wasnt "bad" just neglected socially and sexually. The next 12 hours or so were a blur of vodka, card games and of course an array of tits and asses sported by the female population of podunk USA.

The next thing I knew I was in the passenger side of my Camaro with a gorgeous view of the nights sky.
"Whos driving the car?" I asked myself, holding back the desire to throw up the bar I seemed to have ingested.
to my /surprise/">surprise, someone answered.
"Well Wes, that would be me."
"Yeah its me. Youre staying at my place tonight."
"Thanks dude. As long as theres a toilet." We called him parallelogram due to his name, Perry, as well as his Asian heritage, the "L" difficulties, and the fact that his build resembled that of a four sided polygon.
"How did I get here?" I slurred
"You texted me like three hours ago dude. Wow, youre so wasted."
"You have no ide.." I got out as I slipped away of consciousness

According to Perry, I was only asleep for twenty minutes but I awoke feeling somehow refreshed, though still quite drunk. My thoughts began to take a turn for the worse, or the better it would seem. They became sexual fantasies of perrys hot little sister. Though she was my age, Perry was a year our senior. Her pert B sized boobs, her tight petite 58" Asian body, her cream colored skin, her entire body made me rock hard. I was forced out of my fantasy by one of Perrys stupid questions.
"So, why didnt you stay for the impending teenage orgy?" He knew quite well that wasnt how I did things. But his question reminded me.
"Oh shit! Wheres Sherry?" Sherry was my attractive female friend.
"The last I saw? She had a dick in her ass and a pussy in her face"
Though quite intelligent, Perry swore more than an sailor on shore leave. His graphic description didnt help my already strained zipper.
"Well, that sounds like her." I replied nonchalantly.
"Get outta the car man. We cant stay out here all night."
I didnt even realize the car had stopped. But I was aware enough to see the lack of his parents car and that no lights were on in the house. This aroused more than just my interest. Virtually alone in a house with his sister, the mere thought would have caused me to orgasm if I wasnt as drunk as I was.

Id known them both since was was ten. Even then, I thiught she was hot as hellfire. Her name is Cathleen (Cat to everyone but me, i always called her kitty). I watched her develop into a women over the years. Many nights, since our meeting, were filled with our slightly flirtacious conversations. Soon thereafter, they also included me relieving my painful erections alone.
"The couch is yours, man." said Perry, "Cats already asleep so just be quiet, yeah?"
"Yeah dude. Whatever."
We shared a fist bump and went our seperate ways. I removed my shirt and did 50 push ups. Drunk or not, I still had to keep my muscle tone. I set my phone alarm for eleven am, but my bladder woke me mere minutes later. My way to the bathroom took me past kittys room. Being the perverted little bastard I am, I popped the lock with an empty pen cartrige and let the door swing inward.
"What are you doing here?" said Kitty.
Oh shit! I thought to myself. Feigning innebriation, I said, "I was looking for the bathroom."
"Well, youve been here enough times to know where the bathroom is. But you seem to forget every time." she said with a coy grin.
Slipping over my still cloudy thoughts I said, "Well this time I have an excuse besides just wanting to see you." Oh motherfuck me. I was sure that I just shot myself.
She didnt miss a beat, " Oh. So thats why you always come around my room."

I seriously felt like I was just fucked by a bullet train. She got up and wiggled her hips as she approached me. Even with that stern little look on her face, she looked so alain lyle porn hot. If not hotter because of it. Then she surprised the hell outta me. Instead of slapping me or pushing me out of her doorway, she dragged me inside by the hand then she shut and relocked the door. I just sat on the edge of her bed, still expecting some sort of repremand.
"So why are you here Wes?" she asked, leaning back on her computer chair. Her pussy was just visible through those skin tight pajama pants she wore. My eyes were locked on her lips, and she either didnt notice or didnt care.

"What? Oh, I was at a party and apparently had your brother pick me up."

"What, you didnt bring a date?"
she spread her legs a little wider and I placed my white wife-beater tank top in my bulging lap.
"Huh? Oh i brought Sherry with me."
"Is she your girlfriend Wes?"
I loved the way she said my name. Like every syllable was an impending orgasm. But to my dissapointment, she closed her legs and slid up in her chair.
"No! Weve just known each other a long time."
"Mmmm." she purred, sliding back down in her chair, licking one lip slightly and restoring my mouth watering view.
"Why dont you have a girlfriend Wes?"
This time she pushed her chest forward. Her perky nipples poked through the thin fabric of her barely closed PJ t-shirt.
"The girls in my home town dont think a relationship could ever work."
"Are they stuck up or just stupid?" she asked in her /sweet/">sweet, seemingly innocent voice.
"According to Sherry, they think Im too good for them."
"Well maybe you are."

She got up from her seat. Her cross to the bed, and therein me, seemed to take an eternity. But what a blissful eternity it was. Her tight body wrapped up in little more than tissue paper, with her arroused and arrousing goodies on display for me. None other, just me. Every step she took accentuated her pussy lips, forcing them to rub against one another. I was certain that a wet patch began to appear on her crotch. It was almost too much.
She took a seat on my lap, wiggling her ass as though she were getting comfortable. She sat with her legs over the sides of mine. Somehow she was able to put both of her arms around my neck and continued her ploy without so much as a twitch.
"Maybe you should look elsewhere for companionship." she said, grinding her ass into my pelvis again. It was all I could do not to ravage her right then. My fingernails left marks in my palms for a week.
Shuddering slightly, I said shakily, "M-maybe I should. Any ideas on where I should start?"
"Well maybe just one." she said putting a slender finger on her chin as though in thought.
She was such a tease. she leapt off of my lap and said "i might be able to set you up with my friend mary."

She turned her back to me as she continued,"shes pretty hot. at least according to the guys in my highschool. shes your age too." she looked at me over her shoulder and put her exquisite fists on her young hips. I was begining to lose what little patience i had left.
"Hows next friday sound? I"m sure shed go along with it. Youd be the nicest guy shes dated in months. And also the hottest, Im sure." she kept her back to me and didnt notice me coming up behind her.
Her head tilted away from mine and her arms went limp at her sides. I guess she like the way I kissed the nape of her neck. Her pulse quickened and her breath caught as she said "Well Mr.Johnson, are you trying to seduce little, innocent me?"
I said nothing but instead doubled the passion in the tender caresses of my lips. She began to pur like a cat and started shivering as she put her right hand on the back of head, bringing me closer to her.
"Should I scream and make my brother aware of his friends perversion towards his sister?" she asked playfully, softly rubbing the stubble that covered my neck.

"Do you want me to make you scream, darlin?" I asked in between two kisses, "I will if you want me to. But we both know that your brother wouldnt hear an orgy the way these walls are insulated". I helped their father insulate for hard winters and sweltering summers myself.
Theres a reason why I call her Kitty. Ive always thought of her as my little sex kitten, just waiting to pounce. She gave another shudder and threw me onto her bed. She began to ravage my neck, using her tiny smooth toungue to lap at my stubble, sending shocks through my body. I had to literally slap myself to ensure I wasnt still unconscious in my Camaro. This was all too amazing.
For the /first-time/">first time, our lips met. Electricity passed between us, through our entwined tounges. I rolled us over and we continued on. I ripped my lips off hers, only to have her grab my head and force our faces back together again. At this point, no amount of alcohol could have dulled my senses.

I began massaging her tits through her top, enticing a delectable moan from her velvety lips. I kept to it until her nipples were hard little pebbels under her shirt. She was so enthralled that I was able to rip her /tight/tight-top/">tight top off of her steaming body.
"Hey that was my favorite.." was all she got out before my mouth was locked around her right breat and my hand covered the other.
"oh god! just like that baby! yeah, yeah." she moaned.
I continued this until I was sure her climax was pending and stopped. She nearly slapped my face when I did.
"You bastard! Dont fucking tease me you.."
This time I stuck my hand down her pants and locked our lips together. She let out a loud groan of approval. I found her leaking pussy to be quite hairless and managed to give myself a smirk through our face sucking. Her clit was rock hard and I avoided it, for now.
I slipped the forefinger of my right hand just inside her tight /pussy/asian-pussy/">asian pussy. She began to gyrate as best she could with me on top of her. I slowly teased my finger in and out of her opening. Just enough to make her force her entire body onto my now slippery hand. Then I shoved three fingers into her, causing her to leap off the edge of her orgasmic precipice. Her screams nearly deafened me, but I continued on, until she begged me to stop.
"Stop. Stop! Oh my god. Youre such an asshole!" she said, slapping my abs. I feigned a look of injury and she gave me a peace offering. she took my dripping hand from her groin and licked it clean. and all the time smiling at my astonished looking face.
"You really are a sex kitten." I said, locking our lips together once more.
"Oh you are a pervert arent you? Youve been calling me Kitty for eight years!"

I just gave her a smile. She jammed her hand into my crowded pants and let her eyes widen. "I think you need a girlfriend Wes." She slowly stroked my hardon and just stopped. "But Im tired and going to sleep now."
I sat there speechless as she pulled her pants back up and slipped under her covers. After about ten minutes I just left the room.
I have never felt more confused in my life. That little fuck-tease got me so riled up. It just wasnt fucking fair for me to be left in the cold, with a dick of steel! I tried to take a piss, like I set out to do an hour before,but for obvious reasons couldnt. I opened the door to see my kitten, naked.
"What?" she asked," You didnt honestly think i was that much of a bitch did you?" she punctuated her quetion by shoving her toungue into my mouth.
After I didnt indian santali xvideo follow her right away, she pulled me back into her room by the front of my now tent worthy jeans. She locked the door but when I wouldnt follow her into the bed she gave me a saddened look.
"I was just foolin, baby. come to bed"

It was so hard to resist the stare and grin of that sex godess. But I held my resolve and turned my back to her and approached her computer desk. I put my hands on the chair back and silently laughed to myself. From her perspective it must have seemed like sobbing, because I felt her supple palm on my bare shoulder a moment later. I spun around and passionately kissed her. I then jammed her chair under the door knob, rendering the door temporarily useless.
"Now, thats better." I said, wearing a bastardly grin.
Then she attacked me with a feriosity that wild lions dont have. She wrapped her toned legs around my back and once more stuck her beautiful tongue down my throat. I ripped her off of me and gently threw her onto the bed.
"Come to bed baby." she said, in a voice so sultry I had a hard time believing it came from her.
She spread her legs so invitingly that i couldnt stop myself if I wanted to. I pounced in between her legs. My lips latched onto her clit like a nursing baby to its mothers breast.
"Oh you little bastard!" she said with a jump.
She once more began to gyrate on my face and I continued until I knew she was beyond the stopping point. As she began to scream, I plunged hard my dick into her virgin pussy. Her screaming doubled as i began to pump in and out of her tight orafice. In our passion, she dug her nails into my back. I still have the scars to prove it!
"Oh my god, you are so hot!" I forced out before my tongue became otherwise engaged.

She felt so tight! And it felt even better that her pussy twitched in post orgasmic spasms. My head was swimming in blind desire. I never intended to let this /sexy/sexy-girl/">sexy girl out of my arms.
Kitty surprised me yet again. She found the strength to overpower me and flip us over. She began to ride me like her life depended on it. The only thing keeping me from exploding inside her was the notion that if i did, the night would be over. Her gutteral moans embodied eight years of pent up, sexual tension.
"God baby! We could have been doing this for years!" she squealed as she started going faster.
With her still attached to me, I sat up. She was incouragable! She didnt bat an eye, just kept on goin. I stood and threw her up onto her desk and she lifted one leg up to accomidate me. I suppose she didnt like me appreciating the view before me. She gave me a glazed over, but fierce look over her right shoulder. I lunged forward and speared into her. She gave a suprised, yet pleased yelp as I pounded into her. The squelching sounds my penetration made were only out done by her feral moans. I turned her head to kiss her, and noticed a cataract quality had come to her eyes. Her head sagged away as I sped up my assault once more.
"Stop for the love of god!" she yelled.
I suddenly feared I had somehow hurt her. "are you ok?" i asked tenderly.

Sshe sat down on the edge of her bed and I follwed. Before I could sit, she grabbed ahold of my dick and shoved it into her mouth. I almost lost my balance at this suprise attack. Her tongue felt otherworldly on the underside of my dick. If i didnt know she hadnt, I would have sworn shed done that before. She began to bob her head up and down in my lap. This made me creep away from her, trying to last as long as I could. But it wasnt long until it went too far.
"Sweety im.."
"Mmm, mmm"
"JESUS CHRIST!" I yelled,as i came in her mouth. She choked a little on its quantity.
I literally fell over, barely conscious, onto the bed. She swallowed and dawned a fresh pair of pajamas.
"Where ya goin?" I asked, out of breath.
"To brush my teeth." she said in her once again innocent voice.
I wondered how we managed not to fuck each other before tonight. I didnt have much time to think though. She walked back in the door and slowly stripped for me. I let out a moan as she bent over and bounced her ass up and down. Her stride to me was made even more arousing by her stroking herself as she walked. She kissed me with a renewed vigor before settling into the bed. I snuggled in behind her, slipping one hand over her still moist, though tender, pussy. I began to gently rub her clit with my fingertips. We kissed over her shoulder the entire time. I gave a jump as she grasped my rehardened member and began stroking it. We each let out a final moan, before we drifted off to sleep.
"Cat? Wake up its noon!" Perry said, banging on the door.

We awoke with a start. I threw my clothes on as did she. "keep your pants on!" she said and I gave her a sly grin. I kissed her once more and dove out of her ground floor window.
Kitty waited another minute and opened the door. "Jesus. What do ya want?"
"Its noon. How long did you stay up?"
"I dont have any clue, Perry."she replied, faking a stretch, "I slept when I got tired. Let me get dressed then Ill make you some breakfast."
"Thanks but I already made breakfast for all three of us."
"Three?" she said, feigning ignorance.
"Oh right, how could you know? Wes stayed over last night."
She peered over his shoulder, seemingly to find their houseguest.
"Where is the twerp?"
"Here I am." i said," Had to get a fresh set of clothes from the car. So wheres breakfast?"
I swear to god that was the best breakfast Ive ever had. Kitty had her foot massaging my dick, under the tablecloth, within a minute.
"So," she asked me,"what are your plans today wesley?"

Fighting back a smirk and sigh, I said "Well, I have to bring your brother to get his car. Then I need to find, wake up and clean up Sherry. Her mom expects her back before sunset tonight."
"So this was just a one night thing?"
She must have been annoyed, since she jammed her heel into my balls, making me wince in pain.
"Well, ya know you guys can come visit me any time." she lessened the pressure,thank god.
"What do ya think Perry?" she asked her brother, "ya wanna go visit Wesleys family next weekend?"
"Why the fuck not?" was his pleasant response, "So what wes? Saturday at one pm?"
"Sounds damn good to me. Ill have the guest room set up for Kitty and you can take my bed, Perry."
I told perry to wait in the car, that I had to take a piss. She was in there, fully clothed unforunately. We made out for a minute before she broke the kiss.
"So. We get to fuck all night in that guest room right?" she bit her lower lip and gave me a puppy dog look.
"Its so amazing how you can be so dirty yet sound so innocent."
"Yay!" she yelled, re-engaging our kiss, tongueing my palate.
"Ive got to go Kitty"
" Ok. See you on Saturday..." she walked out the door, wiggling her /sweet/sweet-ass/">sweet ass, and said in that sultry voice, "..Wes."
I had to slap myself to avoid following her and fucking her brains out. Thats probably what she had in mind to, that sexy kitten. I grabbed my keys and walked out to the car. Perry seemed annoyed.
"Sup?" I asked.
"You need a girlfriend."
"Ok." I replied with a laugh.
"If for no other reason than she can drive your drunk ass home herself. And not ruin your friends plans."
I started driving before asking," Wait, you were gonna get fucked last night werent you?"
"Fuckin right i was. But instead i had to pick up your stupid ass. So i just got a blowjob."
"Then quit whinning! At least you got some last night." I said, holding back a grin, "I havent gotten laid in weeks."

The rest of the drive was rather bland. We pulled up to the house that had a handful of people sleeping on the lawn. After saying my goodbyes, I trudged through the cans and bottles until I found Sherry. She really did amaze me: she still had that dick in her ass. Avoiding that mess, I located all of her clothing before dragging her off of the captain of our football team.
"What the hell?" she said, slowly waking up, "Oh. Hey Wes. Ready to go?"
I looked her spunk covered body up and down before laughing and leading her to the nearset bathroom. She was a bit too shocked at her disheveled reflection.
"Oh my fucking God!" she screeched.
I sat outside laughing and said "You can say that again glaze girl!"
It took her the better part of an hour to get cleaned up enough to hit the road. She noticed the smug expression on my face and how I didnt even glance at her tits once.
"You got fucked last night!" she said
"And?" i asked, containing my amusement.
" were a virgin yesterday. Now youre a man!"
I gave her a stern look and she corrected herself, "Ok. More of a man."
The vibrations emited by by cell brought me back to earth, for a moment. The caller ID said unknown and I answered it anyway
"Hi sexy"
My day keepes getting better, I thought to myself.
"Hi Kitty."
"Hi stud. I just got done cleaning my sheets when I found your deposit on my back." my dick began to stir in my pants "So I just had to clean myself off, with my pussy juices. Then I masturbated all over the fresh sheets."
"You know what youre doing. Dont you?"
"Yes, baby. Im getting you all hot and horny when youre just inches away from a nymphomaniac. And that distance is lessened by your engorged...cock."
"Good. You do know. So why?"
"Because im going to be teasing you until i get to fuck you all night again."

"How straight forward." I couldnt take it. My pants zipper started to creak audibly, a sound Sherry was quite keen to.
"OH. MY. GOD." she said, noticing my seven inch erection.
"What?" i asked,"Whats wrong Sherry?"
"You fucked Cat!"
"Give her the phone,sweety."
I handed the phone to Sherry like it was an explosive device.
"Hi Cat, honey!"
"Oh hi Sherry. I hope im not disturbing your drive home."
"No problem sweety. I think youll be great together." Sherry said back.
She gave me back the phone. Luckily I had a very loud phone. I was able to get the jist of the converstion.
"Oh. Youre a /girl/bad-girl/">bad girl." I said to Kitty
"Ooh! Are you going to punish me?!"
"Youll see on" I made sure that my emphasis on that last word would give her shivers for the next five days. I /hung/">hung up the phone and gave Sherry a peck on her cheek.
"What? are you going to punish me to?" she asked slyly.
"Sorry babe. We dont have a sexual relationship." I gave her a reassuring wink at that last part.